Why should you choose Postuby over Canva?

Canva can be a great design app. However, using Canva requires design knowledge and it takes time to create a design. Postuby saves you time.

Preparing Designs at the Speed of Light
With Postuby's automatic design feature, you can prepare hundreds of designs in 5 different resolutions by just typing a title.
No Design Knowledge Required
You can use the designs prepared by professional designers or you can design with the automatic design feature.
Requires Design Knowledge
Designs for All Special Occasions
Download designs in post, story and other formats for all special occasions
There Are Designs Only for Popular Special Occasions
Automatic Logo Addition to Designs
You add your logo once and now your logo will automatically appear on all designs.
All Platform Resolutions
You can download post, story, wide or large post versions of the same design.
Agenda Related Designs
Your social media designs are ready in Postuby when there is an event that is on the agenda.
Contents Containing Voice Over
We are increasing the number of posts with voice-overs about special days every day.
Share Texts
You can get your share texts from Postuby.
Auto Post on Special Occasions (Soon)
This feature will be active soon

Who Can Use?

SMEs, startups and freelancers use Postuby to produce and share both practical and professional content.
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Curious About Our

Years ago, we started social media management not only for ourselves but also for others.
We earned income from this work as amateurs and gained experience for about 10 years.
Today, we established Postuby with our initial amateur spirit and enthusiasm.

We have a goal!

We set out from Turkey and as a successful Turkish initiative, we want to be mentioned in the Global. And we will make it.
Again with the same amateur spirit :)